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American Tarp Hydraulic Truck Tarping System

The strongest tarping system for Roll Off & Hooklift trucks in North America

Leading Edge Advantage

⚫Heavy Duty 1/4" thick & 3/16" tarp arms

⚫Unique design requires no hydraulic gantry on new and revised Strong 2 Tarp Model. Resulting in less leaking cylinders and shop downtime.

⚫Relies fully on hydraulic cylinders, no rack n pinion system or gear pinions that wear and tear. Simple and reliable when failures occur, simply repack the cylinder or put a new one. Less shop time, more work time

⚫Easy installation, requires no welding on chassis

⚫All replacement parts in stock, 100% technical support, overnight shipping for all parts. 

⚫Covers up to 25ft long containers

⚫Easiest tarp to repair when broken down. Only relies on hydraulics and pins. No nuts and bolts, no rack and pinions and etc. 

⚫Spring loaded assembly with heavy duty mesh tarp built to last


⚫Thick Steel Construction

⚫Relies 100% on pins in the main pivot point and hydraulic cylinders. No nuts and bolts that come loose after vibration overtime like the competition. 

⚫1/4" Tarp Support base where it welds to plate that is bolted to chassis. 

⚫1/4" Each side and 3" Total Arm Support Width


⚫Compatible with single axle trucks up to quint axle trucks and more

⚫Roll Off & Hooklifts Versatility for the same tarp model

⚫Simple crate packaging for shipping to customers and dealers across North America


3 Year Structure Warranty
1 Year Warranty on Hydraulic Cylinders, Hoses & Components
Note: Does not include tarp roller or mesh tarp